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We understand that life transitions, such as the birth of a baby, loss of a pregnancy, or infertility struggles can be exceedingly taxing on both our physical and mental health states. Our team at Northern Skies Wellness recognizes the need for increased care surrounding parents and their partners during this time. 

Our goal is to work with new parents to help them navigate through the many emotions, physical symptoms and cognitive struggles in the perinatal transition. We understand that new mother's may experience symptoms for up to three years post-partum, and want to normalize any stigmatized ideations. 

The dynamic between romantic partners can change significantly after a new family member arrives. We will help you navigate through these hurdles together, and provide some skills and tools that you can practice at home! 

We also work with parents and their partners as they grieve, whether the loss was a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. These are all recognized as traumatic experiences, and you do not need to struggle alone. 

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