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Our team at Northern Skies Wellness is currently offering individual psychotherapy sessions in person, virtually or by phone from our newly renovated office space in Val Caron, ON. 

Individual appointments allow you to have an opportunity to meet with one of our skilled clinicians to discuss privately and confidentially any struggles you may be facing. Our clinicians are skilled in a variety of therapy modalities, and will work with our client's to find the best fit for them. We believe there is no one size fits all approach, and believe you are the author of your story. Whether you are struggling with day-to-day living, past trauma, relationship problems, a new or existing mental health diagnosis,  or pandemic anxiety, we are here to work with you, in the way that best suits your needs. 

At Northern Skies Wellness, we are passionate about helping others reach their goals, and working toward living a life that leaves our client's feeling whole, happy, and in control. Our clinicians provide empathy, compassion, and non-judgment as you move through your mental health journey with us. 

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